JM Barrie 1860 - 1937

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Sir James Matthew Barrie is the author of Peter Pan, the timeless children's fantasy that has been adapted for film, television and stage, and practically become legend in its own right. He began his career as a novelist and journalist, but the majority of his work was as a playwright.


More about JM Barrie

An imaginative and prolific writer, Barrie's other works are all too easily overlooked because of his astonishing success with the stories of Peter Pan. His explorations of magical worlds and human emotion were particularly intense, and crucially, they appealed greatly to a large number of people. Peter Pan was, however, largely autobiographical, since Barrie himself never really wanted to grow up. Peter Pan first appeared as a stage play, at the Duke of York, London, in 1906, before it was published as a book in 1907.

Some of his works are listed below:
The Little Minister (1891)
Sentimental Tommy (1896)
Tommy and Grizel (1900)
Quality Street (stage play) (1901)
The Little White Bird (1902)
The Admirable Crichton (stage play) (1902)
Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (stage play) (1904)
Peter and Wendy (novelisation) (1911)
Dear Brutus (stage play) (1917)
Mary Rose (stage play) (1920)

In 1913 Barrie became a baronet and in 1922 he received the Order of Merit. He was also elected Lord Rector of St Andrews University. In 1930 he became Chancellor of Edinburgh University.